​We have also developed methods for combining all of these values, so as to generate single estimates of the survival benefit that might reasonably be expected from hypothesized earlier actions. The mathematics is most highly developed for breast cancer, but can also be applied to the forensic analysis of other cancers.

Forensic Mathematics Services will assess your case, analyze it, and present you with a concise quantitative summary.  We can also meet with you at your request to discuss the results of our analysis.  For testimony or deposition, Dr. James Michaelson is available as an expert witness.

In addition to mathematical analysis, we offer technical literature review to support case assessment.

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We provide mathematically sound, highly accurate estimates for malpractice lawsuits involving delay in the treatment of cancer. Our successful analytic methods have been developed over the course of fifteen years of peer-reviewed research.  Our clients include CRICO and the Yale New Haven Hospital group.

Forensic Mathematics Services can not only calculate the likely size of cancers at previous points in time, but also:

• The probabilities of detection at these times, and
• The potential impact that such hypothesized detection might have on survival.


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